Hansa pays out again 3% dividends

The Fund gained again from an increasing rental income and using low interest level to reduce total cost of capital. In December 2016, the Fund Manager successfully fixed an attractive follow-up financing for the Bessemerstraße property. Due to an ongoing good cash position and excellent future performance outlook, the Board decided to pay out 3% dividends to the shareholders in 2016.

Based on good operational results and benefitting from the international low interest level, the Fund could reduce total cost of capital. As a result, the Board of Directors decided to pay out 3% dividends to the shareholders.

The budget for 2017 ff. is showing further kick-ups in rental income due to ongoing performance increase of the Bessemerstraße property and liquidity upgrades due to upcoming refinancing and restructuring results. The Funds budget forecasts an ongoing yearly 4-5% dividend payment starting next year.

The stable and excellent performing German real estate market is supporting this strategy and encouraging a stable rental income for Hansa Fund in the future.

For further information please contact:

  • Mr. Georg Haider, LL.M. Head of Germany and Fund Manager Hansa
    Tel: +49 30 20 21 59 87

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