Baltic Horizon Fund aims to deliver value to investors through active management of commercial real estate in the Baltic countries.

Baltic Horizon Fund owns a portfolio of office buildings and shopping centers located in Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn.

Baltic Horizon Fund has been listed on the Baltic stock exchange since 2016. Fund units are traded on Nasdaq Tallinn and SDRs are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Baltic Horizon Fund operates under the REIF concept where vast majority of the cash earnings are paid out to investors.

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Fund facts Q4 2023

Past performance does not predict future returns.

261.1m €

gross asset value

109.5m €

total net asset value

45.3m €

distribution to investors in years 2016-2022



Fund facts

  • Fund name

    Baltic Horizon Fund

  • Nasdaq Tallinn ticker fund units


  • Nasdaq Stockholm ticker SDRs


  • Fund manager

    Northern Horizon Capital AS

  • Type

    Closed-end contractual evergreen

  • Focus

    Direct investments to Baltic countries, particular focus on capital cities

Investor home

In the Investor home section on you can find all the latest news, investor presentations and financial reports and analyze the current and historic performance of the unit.


Baltic Horizon Fund

2023 Real Estate Assessment

Baltic Horizon Fund achieved 82 out of a possible 100 points.

Fund management

Baltic Horizon Fund is managed by a fund management team with extensive experience
from real estate investments and asset management as well as the financial sector.

The Baltic Horizon team is based in Tallinn and Vilnius.