Our commitment
to environment

At Northern Horizon, the environmental commitment goes beyond reducing energy consumption levels. To us, it is about leadership, transparency, risk management and stakeholder engagement.

Net Zero Target 2030

Northern Horizon has set an ambitious target to reach net zero emissions from operations for all managed funds by 2030

GRESB is a trusted industry-standard benchmark


GRESB is trusted industry-standard benchmark that assesses the sustainability performance of real assets, including real estate portfolios. We are participating in the GRESB assessment with three funds, and we are committed to reaching the highest GRESB ratings.

2023 GRESB

Nordic Aged Care Fund

2023 Real Estate Assessment

Nordic Aged Care Fund achieved 90 out of a possible 100 points.

Aged Care Fund IV

2023 Real Estate Assessment

Aged Care Fund IV achieved 82 out of a possible 100 points.

Baltic Horizon Fund

2023 Real Estate Assessment

Baltic Horizon Fund achieved 82 out of a possible 100 points.

Sustainability in
investment decisions

Several of our policies - primarily Responsible Investment Policy and Portfolio Management Policy - ensure that sustainability risks are considered in a consistent and coherent manner in connection with all investment decisions.

Our remuneration policy is also aligned with our Responsible Investment Policy to support taking sustainability factors into account in our investment decision‐making process.

How we work with

When looking into new investment opportunities, ESG aspects are an integrated element in the decision-making process

When building properties, we aim for the most environmentally friendly materials and for energy efficiency

The majority of assets are certified according to widely used sustainable standards, such as LEED, BREEAM and DGNB

We monitor and report our environmental KPI’s and performance

We focus on sustainable innovation to reduce carbon footprint

We are introducing green leases and green clauses in our lease agreements

Smart green solutions makes Alingsås state-of-the-art

Alingsås - a LEED gold care home

We aim to invest in assets with the highest environmental standards.
LEED Gold certified Alingsås care home is one of the best examples of a sustainable care home development in our healthcare asset portfolio.

The globally highest ever points total

Humana Växjö – a Green Building award winning care home

In the LEED Platinum environmental certification, Humana Växjö achieved the globally highest ever points total in the "care homes" category.

A 100% BREEAM certified office portfolio

Baltic Horizon Fund office portfolio BREEAM certified

Baltic Horizon Fund invests in commercial real estate in the Baltic countries. In 2021, the fund reached an important ESG milestone with the portfolio of office buildings becoming certified with the internationally recognized BREEAM standards.

We incorporate sustainability in our everyday actions

We take action

At Northern Horizon, we incorporate sustainability in our everyday actions and operations by taking small but environmentally impactful actions such as choosing sustainably produced office goods, energy-saving lighting, printing less, and recycling.