Aged Care Fund IV

The population of the Nordic countries is ageing rapidly.

Aged Care Fund IV's strategy addresses the structural shortage of care beds in the Nordic region by providing modern care homes and senior living concepts.

The fund is directed at institutional investors and other professional investors only.

Aged Care Fund IV invests in aged care homes and similar residential care assets in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. The focus of the fund is long-term stable rental cashflow and it is not involved in the operational provision of care.

In 2024, the fund successfully completed the investment phase and has committed to 47 modern care assets in Nordics.



Vintage year

324m EUR

Committed equity

648m EUR

Investment capacity


Assets (committed)

Fund facts

  • Fund name

    Aged Care IV

  • Fund structure

    Non-public closed-ended
    Luxembourg SCSp SICAV-RAIF

  • Fund status

    Closed for new subscriptions

  • Investment profile

    Aged Care properties in the Nordics

  • Classification


  • Vintage year

    2020/2022 (final closing)

  • Term

    8 years from final close
    plus 2 x 1-year extensions

  • Investment period

    3 years from final close

  • Country allocation

    Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark
    Max. 75% in each country

  • Sector allocation

    Min. 70% care assets

Asset portfolio

Committed investments by country








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Autism Foundation Kuopio

  • Kuopio, Finland
  • 34
  • Mentally disabled
  • 1834 m2
  • 2024
  • LEED Gold

Lappeenranta Wellbeing service county

  • Lappeenranta, Finland
  • 44
  • Mentally disabled
  • 2500 m2
  • 2024
  • Under construction

Attendo Seinäjoki

  • Seinäjoki, Finland
  • 46
  • Elderly
  • 2000 m2
  • 2024
  • Under construction

Medivida Oulu

  • Oulu, Finland
  • 55
  • Elderly
  • 2576 m2
  • 2024
  • Under construction

Medivida Jyväskylä

  • Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 48
  • Elderly
  • 2138 m2
  • 2024
  • Under construction

Attendo Hørsholm

  • Hørsholm, Denmark
  • 60
  • Elderly
  • 4539 m2
  • 2025
  • Under construction

Mariehjemmene Helsinge

  • Helsinge, Denmark
  • 90
  • Elderly
  • 7189 m2
  • 2023
  • DGNB Gold

Helsinge Senior housing

  • Helsinge, Denmark
  • 23
  • Senior housing
  • 1610 m2
  • 2023
  • DGNB Gold

Attendo Helsinki

  • Helsinki, Finland
  • 62
  • Elderly
  • 2991 m2
  • 2019
  • BREEAM Very Good

Mehiläinen Nokia

  • Nokia, Finland
  • 32
  • Disabled
  • 1191 m2
  • 2022
  • BREEAM Very Good

Sustainability aspects

The value proposition of Aged Care Fund IV is a potential for long-term capital growth and a commitment to help solve a societal challenge by providing good quality living conditions for the seniors. As such, ESG is embedded in the investment objectives of the fund.

Environmental responsibility and ESG measures are also a key part of the investment selection process. In the investment period. Aged Care Fund IV is expected to build a large portfolio of modern aged care facilities that will be in a good position to meet ever increasing sustainability requirements of the future.

For more information about the fund's sustainability performance, please contact the fund management.

Aged Care Fund IV has ambitious ESG requirements for its asset portfolio, and more than half of the assets already have or are expected to achieve BREEAM or similar certification.

The fund management team

Altiden Holte

Investment case

Located in the Copenhagen suburb Holte, Altiden Holte helps to meet the demand for modern care homes in the municipality of Rudersdal. Altiden Holte is located very close to the city center and with the recent completion date, the property’s sustainability features, and a long lease agreement with a specialized operator, Altiden Holte ticks all the boxes in the investment strategy for Aged Care Fund IV.

Attendo Frederikssund

Investment case

Attendo Frederikssund is an elderly care home in Frederikssund, Denmark, offering residential care for 72 persons. The care home was acquired by Aged Care Fund IV in 2020. The care home is DGNB Gold certified.

Reporting and

Aged Care Fund IV
SFDR disclosure

Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector ("SFDR").

GRESB assessment

Aged Care Fund IV

2023 Real Estate Assessment

Aged Care Fund IV achieved 82 out of a possible 100 points.

Fund management

Aged Care Fund IV is managed by a team with extensive experience from Nordic healthcare real
estate investments. The investment team is based in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Copenhagen.