The 72 bed care home, is operated by Attendo and the acquisition also includes 30 senior housing apartments, all of it completed in 2019. All buildings are built to meet the DGNB Gold Certificate standard.

Care homes remains our core focus, but we see more opportunities arising where care facilities are combined with senior housing or other usage to create a strong local community. Such mixed senior living focused concepts are more commonplace abroad but are still relatively new to the Nordic region. The creation of larger communities targeting seniors challenges the traditional definition of healthcare assets, but also provides for important service synergies that can create additional value for both residents and operators, explains Kasper Wehner, Investment Manager and Country Director for Northern Horizon in Denmark.

The property was developed by SPD, a specialized care home developer in Denmark and Sweden with whom Northern Horizon has completed several successful transactions. Both parties look forward to continuing their collaboration.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with both existing and new partners with a strong track record and pipeline, who are able to meet the requirements of modern care operators and residents. Our commitment to the Nordic market remains strong as we continue to see demographically-driven demand for good quality residential elderly care facilities across the Nordics. Meanwhile, as investment managers, we are happy to have witnessed the resiliency of the Aged Care asset class in light of the current market turmoil. This confirms our opinion that the non-discretionary nature of residential care demand combined with a government-backed Nordic care system will continue to offer stable income going forward” notes Riikka Moreau, Fund Manager in charge of Aged Care for Northern Horizon.

About the Northern Horizon Aged Care Fund IV

Northern Horizon Aged Care Fund IV was launched in 2020 and is Northern Horizon’s fourth specialized care home fund.  The Fund helps the Nordic countries meet the challenge of rapidly ageing populations by funding the development and acquisition of modern and high-quality care homes, leased to the leading public and private care operators on long lease contracts.

About Northern Horizon

Northern Horizon is an independent real assets investment manager with a focus on specialized strategies in Northern Europe. Northern Horizon has since 2007 developed and acquired more than 100 care homes for the total value of circa €800 million across four institutional care home funds.  Northern Horizon currently manages three real estate funds and one separate account mandate for leading European institutional investors. The firm employs approx. 40 professionals in its offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin, Vilnius and Tallinn.