LEED is one of the most recognised green building certification programs used worldwide that evaluates the environmental friendliness of buildings. LEED certified buildings are resource efficient using less water and energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As owners we are very proud of the LEED Gold certificate. We believe that by integrating ESG factors into our day to day business and investment decisions alongside financial considerations, we can achieve the best and most sustainable returns to our investors in the long-term, says Northern Horizon’s Head of Finland Jussi Rouhento.

“Being a pioneer in this asset class in the Nordics, we are pleased to get the first LEED certification for a nursing home in Finland. The trend of getting projects environmentally certified has been prevalent in Sweden and we anticipate that it is likely to strengthen in Finland as well.  An environmental certification further emphasizes the social and environmental aspect of investing in care facilities, which is important to both us and our investors” says Portfolio Manager Andreas Michelsson.

Northern Horizon is a member of leading ESG frameworks such as the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). We are committed to integrating ESG factors into all of our operations. To govern our sustainability efforts, we have defined nine guiding ESG principles and operational instructions to ensure an effective implementation. The guiding principles and operational instructions form our Responsible Investment Policy.