With a population of 94,000, Kolding is Denmark’s 7th largest city. Located in the southern part of Jutland, Kolding municipality is one of the many municipalities in Denmark that is experiencing a growing elderly population and the need for more care beds. The increase of the +80 population towards 2032 is estimated to be around 48%.

With the increasing need, the municipality has announced the plans for 170 new care beds in the next 4-5 years. The new care beds will be a combination of municipal care beds and private care beds.

The new private care home under construction in Kolding will be the first private care home in the municipality of Kolding.  In his speech at the event, the municipality’s mayor, Knud Erik Langhoff, said that the municipality is positive about investments that provide good conditions for its inhabitants, and that he has no doubt that the new care home will be a positive addition to its existing care homes:

The aim is that the new care home and day care facility will be a fantastic place for the staff, for the residents and for the children in the kindergarten.

When the care home is completed in the summer of 2025, it will be operated by Mariehjemmene, a Danish non-profit organization. Today, Mariehjemmene operates private care homes in several Danish municipalities. For Mariehjemmene, the care home in Kolding will be their first experience of operating a care home that is closely linked to a daycare facility. The two assets are connected through a glass corridor.

The day care facility will be an integrated facility for children between 0 and 6 years. The facility will be operated by KLAX , a German private operator with 30 years of experience. KLAX operates its facilities according to principles inspired by the Danish approach to daycare and education of children. The design concept of the facility is based on various rooms that are tailored to specific activities – such as role play, construction, science, art, and movement.

In 2023, KLAX opened its first daycare facility in Denmark, in Greve, in a facility that is located just next to an aged care home. Both assets are owned by Northern Horizon. In Greve, KLAX has experienced the benefits of the close contact between children and the elderly residents. They look forward to moving into the facility in Kolding that is designed to create an even closer relationship that will benefit the children and bring excitement to the elderly residents.

In the design and construction of the new buildings in Kolding, sustainability has been given priority, and once completed, the aim is to achieve DGNB Gold. The focus is not just on environmental aspects, but also on the social sustainability by virtue of the social synergies that are envisaged in the daily use of the premises.

The care home and daycare facility have been developed by NREP. In March 2023, Northern Horizon entered into an agreement with NREP to acquire the assets in a transaction that also included five other care homes and a senior living project. For more information about the transaction, please see press release.