The topping-out ceremony is a deep-rooted and cherished tradition on Scandinavian construction sites. The ceremony signifies the completion of the building’s structure. In Denmark, modern topping-out events includes placing a large wreath decorated with a flag and ribbons atop the structure and delivering speeches to honour the collaborative efforts of all parties and individuals involved.

Scheduled for completion in 2025, the care home will feature 60 private apartments and numerous common areas. The building is located in a historic area that once hosted a royal military clothing factory established around 1800. After the factory’s production facilities were relocated in the 1970s, the area evolved into a dynamic mix of residential homes, multi-use offices, and small businesses. Soon, it will also include a private care home.

Designed with a modern aesthetic and high-quality construction, the building will have many facade details, including displacements, varied masonry and window frame materials. The design vision focuses on creating a home that promotes care, dignity, and quality of life, with a strong emphasis on optimizing internal spaces.

Inside the building, there will be large and cozy common areas with space for activities and recreation, including a sports bar. The design process has involved close collaboration with the operator Attendo.

Outdoor spaces will include lush green areas, a water catchment system with a duck pond, and an orangery on the roof terrace.

The care home is located on a sloping 5,500 m² plot, with careful consideration given to its impact on the surroundings. The building has been adjusted multiple times to ensure it does not obstruct light or views for neighbouring homes. The green areas face the road, and the south façade, which faces private homes, has no windows.

At the topping-out ceremony, the chairman of the social and senior committee highlighted the project as an excellent example of public-private sector cooperation, creating significant value for the community. The municipality also emphasized the importance of the project’s aesthetic appeal to neighbouring residents.

The construction project is on track for completion in May 2025. The care home aims to achieve DGNB Gold certification, a standard for documenting sustainability initiatives in construction, buildings, and urban development in Denmark.